Like the predecessor of PolyMAGIC™ LED glass, Polydigit™ is an enhanced version of super powerful LED moving display like no others in the market. This year, Polytron™ Technology took its best transparent glass technology into full-throttle by creating light and media control Light-emitted-diodes.

A unique feature is the total transparency, which LED can shine through the glass and radiates from both sides. Users can pre-install text, logos, messages and animation by uploading from a PC to its controller. Providing visual information anywhere from bus stations, airports to any public glass displays from both sides. It’s a great way to create public awareness and in most cases impress audience at night with Polydigit™.

Many features besides the true transparent LED glass display, Polydigit™ can be custom for design specific, configured for moving graphics and energy saving for cost effective.


  • Airports, bust stands, banner display, Skylights, commercial ads display, museum function, live information display and many more.


  • Flexible glass size for different types of design combination.
  • Max. 256 pixels RGB per controller
  • LEDs are shined through both side of the glass.
  • Lighting effect and Animation software support
  • Patterns created can be pre-stored in an internal SD card PC software


  • GLASS COLOR: Clear, super clear
  • GLASS TYPE : Annealed, tempered, curved
  • THICKNESS : 8.5mm(3mm+3mm) to 40.5mm(19mm+19mm)
  • SIZE : Up to 1,200 x 3,000mm
  • SHAPE : Rectangular and curved shape
  • ENVIRONMENTAL : Operation -20oC to 80oC(-4oF to 186oF)
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC
  • ELECTRICAL : 3-48VDC,depending on the design 0.02Watt/LED
  • Output signal: DMX512 / DMX+
  • SWITCHING TIME : less than 100 milliseconds
  • OPTICAL :  Transmission more than 80% View angle approx.160o UV protection 99.8%
  • LIFE : Greater than 10 years