POLYPROMOTER™, counselor, guide, which helps to orient visitors informed, as well as successfully advertise goods and services. It is indispensable to large shopping centers, car dealerships, banks, exhibitions, and presentations, wherever there is a large flow of people - your potential customers.

A better seller as the POLYPROMOTER™, is impossible to find! This person does not smoke, is never tired, never in a bad mood and does not need a lunch break. The POLYPROMOTER™, is engaged in marketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your products and services available even after closing time. Through its futuristic appearance, it is an eye-catcher for your customers and an indispensable tool at the point of sale. 









Turning to us, you get a full range of services: the selection of models, scripts, and video content development, delivery, installation and testing of equipment. All work is done by our team. Why is this so important? Because we are responsible for each phase of training and work.

Still, have questions? Looking for where to buy a profitable online Polypromoter™? Do you want to order a set of POLYPROMOTER™ for rent?

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