When compared with traditional heating glass, Polyheat™ provides a brand new solution for the integrated heating system. Eliminating condensation problems and reducing the rate of heat loss, Polyheat™ can be used in almost every occasion from regular glass glazing to combined  floor and ceiling application.  Giving architetural designer, building constructor and automotive designer a whole new experience in implementing principle system of heating.


  • Window of cottages
  • Office buildings
  • leaded panes
  • translucent roofing
  • garret windows
  • canopies
  • Automotive heating glass


  • No visible wires
  • Equal heat distribution
  • High power density
  • High visible transmittance
  • Reduce the amount of energy lost
  • Low emissivity
  • Low cost


  • GLASS COLOR: Clear, super clear
  • GLASS TYPE : Annealed, tempered, curved
  • THICKNESS : 8.5mm(3mm+3mm) to 40.5mm(19mm+19mm)
  • SIZE :
  • SHAPE : Rectangular shape preferred
  • ENVIRONMENTAL : Maximum temperature up to 65°C (149°F)
  • Power Supply: 110 - 240V
  • ELECTRICAL : Maximum power density Up to 2000 W/ M2