With PolyScreen™ film, you can turn a transparent glass  or surface into a projector instantly. Traditionally, projector needed a solid surface to cast images or ample lighting effect to deflect the images off a wall. Now you cast the image off the glass by using PolyScreen™ film.

PolyScreen™ Film can be adhesive directly onto the glass. Easy to install, and can be cropped into desire size for specific application.


  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Public information display
  • Door or Surface display on Glass
  • Living room / Entertaining purpose


  • Film Colors: Clear, white, silver, and black
  • Size: 1M x 20M by Roll for film
  • Glass Size: up to 1,020mm x 3,800mm
  • Environment: -20oC to 80oC(-4oF to 186oF)