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Developed and marketed by POLYTRONGLASS, the Crystalglass is an interactive, transparent video membrane that features a 1.6 mm thick glass. It also comes in sizes ranging from 12.5” to 120”, or can be tailor-made to suit your needs. The Crystalglass can be used in its original shape or integrated into specific advertising spaces and architectural elements such as windows, or interactive terminals, counters, and refrigerators, etc.

Thanks to its ability to present dynamic and interactive content on a video membrane with transparency features unparalleled to this day, the Crystalglass allows overlaying various animated graphics, thereby taking full advantage of the 3D world, in a way that has never beendone before.

The Crystalglass is the ideal solution for highlighting the features of any of your products or services


The Crystalglassis powered by the Crystalglass-OS operating system, which exclusively manages photo, video, and touch screen content. Crystalglass-OS is programmed by POLYTRONGLASS and ensures content integration into the Crystalglass. Crystalglass-OS is also designed to optimize the quality of the animation content shown on thetransparent video membrane as well as to make the technological experience as user-friendly as possible.

The Crystalglass-OS operating system is versatile: wireless and with a broad scope, its online, secure control panel allows for the remote management of Crystalglass content, wherever its users are.


Bringing animated graphics to life on an interactive glass that is so thin and transparent that it redefines standards in digital content creation and presentation constitutes an art form in itself.

The design experts at POLYTRONGLASS, a Crystalglass partner, who are working on this transparent glass technology have but one mission: create exciting, interactive applications that allow for a definite wow factor thanks to impeccable designs and innovative content.

Vibrant, dynamic, interactive: the Crystalglass and its Crystalglass-OS operating system offer unmatched flexibility in terms of content creation. Take the quantum leap with us!