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Outdoor screen

Exceptionally Lightweight and Ultra-slim

With astonishing average weight at 8-22kg/sqm, POLYOUTDOOR™ PGO Series are designed for ease of installation and maintenance, eliminating huge heavy load supporting structure reinforcement cost which is often associated with conventional LED video wall installation, besides apparent huge transportation and logistics benefits. With all the huge installation and maintenance benefits, POLYOUTDOOR™ cost often means a fraction of conventional LED display when it comes to billboard applications.

Groundbreaking Transparent Fanless Design

Groundbreaking cost-effective fanless self-cooling design renders POLYOUTDOOR™ ultra-slim structure and amazing 20-80% transparency, which not only help to bring great installation & maintenance advantages, but also make transforming glass façades into vivid video walls possible. High transparency helps to maintain outdoor viewing from inside a venue while putting on a fabulous video show outside.

Amazing All-weather IP67 Rated & Fabulously Aerodynamic Design

Amazing front/rear IP67 rated, UV-resistant, rendering POLYOUTDOOR™ PGO 13-20 a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environment. 

POLYOUTDOOR™ ensures trouble-free operation even in extreme temperatures of -30°C to 60°C. Fabulously aerodynamic wind-resistant design allows POLYOUTDOOR™ withstand harsh storms and typhoons

Item P6 outdoor led display high quality P6 outdoor led display             middle quality  P6 outdoor led display normal quality 
Pictures A82.tmp 4C83.tmp
Pixel Pitch(mm) 6
Pixel Configuration SMD 3in1
Pixel Density (pixels/m²) 27778dots/m2
Cabinet Dimention 768mm*768mm
Cabinet Resolution 128*128
Module Dimention 192mm*192mm
Module Resolution 32*32
Viewing Angle(H/V) 140/140
Viewing Distance(m) 6-25m
Brightness 7800cd/m2
Avg Power Consumption 500w/m2 550w/m2 750w/m2
Max Power Comsuption 800w/8m2 850w/m2 1050w/m2
Working Humidity 10%-95%
Drive Type 1/2,1/4 1/8,1/4 1/8,1/16
Color Processing 16.7 million 16.7 million 16.7 million
Refresh Rate 3000-4000HZ 1000-2000HZ 1200HZ
Data Transmission CAT 5/ Optic Fiber
Image Source S-Video,PAL/NTSC
Format VideoCompatibilityDVI, VGA,omposite
Control System Nova/Linsn/Mooncell/Xixun
Lifetime 100000Hrs
MTBF 5000Hrs
IP Rate IP54/IP65 IP54 IP54/IP43
Working Voltage 220V/110V
Working Temperature -20°C-65°C
cabinet weight 70kg/m2