POLYPROMOTER™, counselor, guide, which helps to orient visitors informed, as well as successfully advertise goods and services. It is indispensable to large shopping centers, car dealerships, banks, exhibitions, and presentations, wherever there is a large flow of people - your potential customers.  





This Cristalglass™ frame video wall is a completely new integrated solution, fits for all luxury branding stores, shopping malls, retail windows etc. If you are considering how to promote your branding value, Increase sales, eye-catching and looking for unique style design, then you are really lucky to meet us here. POLYTRONGLASS team is waiting for you…..



POLYTRONGLASS strives to continue on extending its specialty and innovation in the research and development, production and sales of transparent LED screen displays glass. The current “Led PGT-Glass” product models include the PGT, PGW, PGR, PGD and PGN series, which are designed for a wide range of applications such as storefront window displays, restaurant chains, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals, stage production, media architecture and many other areas. With pixel pitch ranges from 3 mm to 31.25 mm and brightness from 6000 nit to 7500 nit, “Led PGT-Glass” products are by far the clearest and brightest display in the world.




Visit with us Polytronglass facilities to view the different stages of our manufacturing/assembly process. Hope you enjoy your visit. For more information, you can visit our website at: or call us +971544844858 .